Parking Lot

Our parking lot is strategically situated in Jabalpur City, along National Highway No. 7, with easy access to the Jabalpur Bypass. We can store up to 3000 vehicles. Facilities for classrooms Our fully designed modern workshop is located next to the parking lot. This workshop provides various services for pre-delivery inspection of new cars before delivering to the ship or customers. Total vehicle repairs and refurbishment may also be performed under qualified technicians' supervision and using genuine parts.

Collection of Debts

Debt collectors are often hired by debt collection companies, although others operate independently. Some of them are still lawyers. Customers' unpaid debts—debts that are at least 60 days past due—are often collected by these companies and remitted to the initial creditor. The collector is being paid by the creditor a percentage of the amount collected, usually between 25% and 50%. Credit card debt, medical debt, vehicle loans, personal loans, corporate loans, student loans, and even unpaid utilities and cell phone bills are all collected by debt collection agencies.

The types of debts that collection agencies collect appear to be specialized. For example, an entity might only collect delinquent debts less than two years old and total at least Rs.3000. A reputable collection agency would also restrict its work to obligations that are still under the statute of limitations of each jurisdiction. The debt will never be too old, and the borrower will still claim it lawfully as it is under the statute of limitations.

We raise your company's profit by collecting bad debts on your behalf. For many small companies and big enterprises, debt restructuring has become a nightmare. AMIPL debt collection service guarantees that the money is recovered efficiently and not sitting in someone else's bank account. Whether or not your bad debts are covered, AMIPL's debt collection service has a network of debt collectors that can help you in debt recovery. Our debt collection and debt recovery programs will help you fix your destructive debt issues, allowing you to maximize your earnings. Our debt settlement programs employ our expertise, state-of-the-art debt collection methodologies, and professional debt collectors to optimize payments. As a debt collection service, we assess the situation and propose the best collection plan.

Unlike other debt collection firms, we operate on your behalf in the way you want us to, whether that's a discreet recovery strategy because you don't want a single debt to jeopardize a long-standing business partnership or a more proactive program. We will help you in whatever way you want to treat debt collection. AMIPL provides result-oriented Debt Recovery strategies. We are a seasoned company debt collection firm with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations across INDIA. Specific recovery laws, which are concerned and necessary according to the INDIA Companies Act's rules and regulations, govern our business. For our debt collection customers, we work as a team.

Why do you choose us?

A debt collector is a corporation or collection agency that specializes in debt collecting on past-due accounts. Many businesses that owe money to debtors employ debt collectors who work for a fee or a percentage of the total amount received. Some debt collectors are debt sellers, which means they buy debt for a fraction of the face value and then raise the entire amount owed.

In dealing with selection and non-litigation assignments, Afford Motors is committed to the highest level of efficiency. We put a heavy focus on completing work assigned to us by our clients on time and in a high-quality manner. A combination assures client satisfaction of expertise, experience, and willingness to cope with assignments. We respect our clients' relationships and uphold strict confidentiality and honesty standards. We still adhere to the highest ethical principles, but we also implement ground breaking methods to provide our clients with the best possible relief.

We are a seasoned commercial debt collection firm that works with small and large businesses. Those recovery laws, which are concerned and necessary according to the company's act's rules and regulations, govern our industry. For our debt collection customers, we work as a team. Benefits of Debt Repayment

  • - The most successful operation facilities.
  • - Acquired abilities.
  • - The focus is on the domain.
  • - A systemic solution is used.
  • - Debt recovery and collection specialists with years of experience.

Afford Motors will help the company optimize its market value by efficiently handling the asset/entire loan's life cycle and bringing it to a logical conclusion. Our management team has a wealth of expertise in delinquency management. The team comprises senior professionals with industry knowledge and extensive hands-on experience who will deliver the project solution for an end-to-end asset management solution that will help lenders increase revenues while lowering costs.

Afford is the first gear reducer company in the financial sector to incorporate surface grinding of delinquency and life cycle management of assets and receivables.

On a national/regional level, our continuous innovation and dedication to enhanced improvement in processes and systems to ensure the highest delivery of services to customer requirements have enabled us to consolidate our image as a reliable, competitive partner over the years.