Our Services

Parking Yard

Our parking yard is strategically located at many different location in Jabalpur City, on the National Highway No. 7 with easy connectivity to Jabalpur Bypass. We can store up to 3000 vehicles. Workshop facilities Attached to the parking yard is our fully equipped modern workshop. This workshop offers various facilities for PDI of new vehicles before delivery to the ship or customers. Also complete repairs and refurbishment of vehicles can be carried out under the expert guidance of trained technicians & using genuine parts.

Debt Collection

We increase profit of your business by recovering your bad debts on your behalf. Debt Recovery process has become nightmare for many small businesses and large corporate. AMIPL debt recovery agency ensures quick recovery of your money owed and we make sure it is not resting in some one else’s bank. Even though your bad debts are insured or not, AMIPL debt recovery agency has network of debt collectors who can take care of your debt collection. Our range of debt collection services and debt recovery services can solve your bad debt problems which will help you increase your profits. Our debt recovery services uses our expertise and state-of-the-art debt collection methodologies and experienced debt collectors to maximize the collections. We as a debt recovery agency analyze the situation and we recommend most suitable strategy for collections.

Unlike other Debt Recovery Agencies we act on your behalf in the manner you wish, either using a discreet recovery approach, because you do not want to jeopardize a long standing business relationship by a single debt, or a more aggressive program. Whichever way you want to handle debt collection, we are there for you. AMIPL offers Debt Recovery solutions which are result oriented. We are an experienced business debt recovery agency that offers services to small business and big companies in all of the INDIA. We regulate our business by certain recovery laws, which are concerned and mandatory according to rules, and regulations of the companies act of INDIA. We work like a team for our debt recovery clients.