How much does the service cost ?

Nothing, until we collect. The amount we take is tiny in comparison to losing the whole amount.

How do you collect ?

We use a proprietary blend of letters, phone calls, faxes, emails and private investigators. We credit report weekly and use a network of over 2000 attorneys if suit is necessary.

How many stages of collection do you have ?

We use a four stage process :

Stage 1 is very soft and non threatening.

Stage 2 is normal debt negotiation.

Stage 3 is persistent and intolerable.

Stage 4 is filing suit in the local jurisdiction.

How often will I get updates ? AMIPL Collection Agency will send you a report in the mail at least once a Week or as per your requirement. If there is anything new happening your rep will call you to give you the news, good or bad. Large volume clients will get batch reports monthly.

What if I don’t know where the debtor is located ? We do what is called “Skiptracing” and we will not stop until the debtor resurfaces.